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Media Watchdogs Aren’t Supposed to Guard Biden; Saving Private Biden, and related stories

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Media Watchdogs Aren’t Supposed to Guard Biden:
If the Democrats win, will America’s free press become an instrument of state propaganda?
All Things, it seems, will not be Considered. In the long and dishonorable annals of journalistic cant, there have been few statements to compete with the one issued by National Public Radio last week explaining why it wouldn’t burden its listeners with any news about Hunter Biden.
“We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste our listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions,” said Terence Samuels, the network’s managing editor for news.
NPR’s might have been the most baldfaced exercise in dishonesty but it wasn’t the only one. The gatekeepers of truth in our national news organizations have come up with an anthology of justifications for ignoring the New York Post’s story about Mr. Biden’s financial aspirations—and his use of his father’s name to advance them.
It wasn’t important. It was unverified (unlike, say, the claim that the Trump-Kremlin condominium stole the 2016 election). It was that all-purpose response to any inconvenient truth: a Russian plot.
Yet the story was important. It didn’t conclusively prove that Joe Biden was in on the son’s deals. It did include important details suggesting that he was, and demonstrating how Hunter pushed his family connections to foreign-owned entities. And remember that the organizations now so squeamish about the Biden story were happy to publish innumerable allegations about President Trump, many of them on far flimsier evidence.
Most people have discovered they can live without NPR. Facebook and Twitter are different. They control the bulk of, respectively, the distribution of news to ordinary folks and the flow of news to journalists. When they decided to restrict access to the story, its visibility is dramatically diminished. --->READ MORE HERE
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Saving Private Biden:
The press standard for 2020: No tough questions for the former vice president
In the thick of the 2016 presidential campaign, the front page of the New York Times handed down the word from on high: In the era of Donald Trump, press objectivity was a luxury America could not afford.
It turned out that biased press coverage wasn’t enough to keep Mr. Trump from winning. So for 2020 the press introduced a new corollary: Joe Biden must never be asked a tough question.
In the past the media’s competitive juices, plus a presidential candidate’s interactions with the American people along the campaign trail, would have rendered this impossible. But Covid-19 gave Mr. Biden the excuse to stay in his basement, and the press corps has run interference for Mr. Biden rather than tackle the story.
At the moment, the hard questions Mr. Biden is avoiding are about the lucrative deals his son made with politically connected Chinese and Ukrainian businesses, sometimes while riding alongside his father in Air Force 2. This past week, one of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Anthony Bobulinski, accused the former vice president of lying when he said he never discussed his son’s overseas business dealings—and the Hunter Biden story became a Joe Biden story. --->READ MORE HERE
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