Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Conservatives Must Fight Big Tech or Lose; Social Media Acts Like a Cartel. It Should Be Treated as One

Conservatives Must Fight Big Tech or Lose:
The problem isn’t simply radicalism. It’s power.
Long before, “In Soviet Russia, television watch you” became a staple of Cold War comedy routines, George Orwell’s 1984 novel had telescreens that broadcast propaganda and watched their citizens. Behind the satire is the core question of the struggle against Big Tech today.
Is technology going to be a tool of individual choice or social control?
Facebook and Twitter’s desperate attempts to block a damaging story about Joe and Hunter Biden is the culmination of four years of work to transform social media into the media. Under the guise of false claims about disinformation, foreign election interference, bots, networks, deepfakes, public health risks, and assorted tech paranoia, free speech died on the internet.
The moment when the White House Press Secretary had her account locked for tweeting a damaging news story about Joe Biden brought home the Big Tech reality to most Republicans.
Just like the media, Big Tech is the Democrat Party, and the Democrat Party is Big Tech. But, unlike the media, Big Tech controls the marketplace of ideas to an unprecedented degree. --->READ MORE HERE
Social Media Acts Like a Cartel. It Should Be Treated as One:
Social media had spent four years training for this moment.
Democrats had spent four years arguing that the media paying attention to Hillary's emails and social media allowing them traction on their services elected Trump. And Big Tech had defined its election role as preventing history from repeating itself.
Everything else is a haze of excuses and meaningless buzzwords like "disinformation", not to mention newfound standards that just arrived last week.
The bottom line is that there's a coordinated campaign to suppress material damaging to Biden before the election. And, unlike the media, social media is a Big Tech cartel.
Facebook, whose Democrat spokesman made a point of expressing his disgust with the story and announcing that it was being throttled, controls 80% of social media. --->READ MORE HERE
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