Monday, October 19, 2020

Trump v. Biden: Biden retreats to Delaware as Trump stumps through four states; What if Biden and Harris Held a Campaign Event Together... And Nobody Showed Up? and related stories

Joe Biden retreats to Delaware as Trump stumps through four states:
It was back to the basement for Joe Biden Saturday — as President Trump went into campaign overdrive.
With only 16 days to go before Election Day, amid an uproar over The Post’s expose of son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals and with a second debate face-off this week, Biden retreated to his Delaware home with no public events on his schedule — and a substantial but slightly slipping national polling lead in his pocket.
Meanwhile, the underdog president whipped up his troops Saturday at back-to-back rallies in two crucial battleground states, with two more of the raucous gatherings set for Sunday and a full slate of appearances this week that will have him hopscotching across the country.
The candidates’ plans on the third-to-last weekend of the election season are polar opposites: while Trump plans four mega-rallies in four battleground states, Biden will hold a single small event, a car parade planned for Sunday afternoon in Durham, N.C. --->READ MORE HERE
[VIDEO] What if Biden and Harris Held a Campaign Event Together... And Nobody Showed Up?
That is actually not a hypothetical question. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held their first campaign event together in the battleground state of Arizona, and a local news reporter outside the event was left stunned at the lack of supporters rallying outside the event.
Biden and Harris hold a campaign event in Arizona and the local news can’t believe that not one supporter showed up!

— David Croom – (ツ) (@dailycallout) October 11, 2020 --->READ MORE HERE
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