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What Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Really Said About the Kavanaugh Confirmation and Packing the Court; Court-Packing Is a Silly Idea and the Senate Knows It, and related stories

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FLASHBACK: What Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Really Said About the Kavanaugh Confirmation and Packing the Court:
During a live question and answer at Georgetown University Law School in September of 2018, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg reflected on her life and career. Much was made of her “notorious” status and the two films being made about her at the time. However, something else was going on when she was speaking. The confirmation hearings for Justice Brett Kavanaugh were in progress, and Senator Dianne Feinstein dropped the now infamous Christine Blasey Ford allegations right in the middle.
It appears the original press on this interview was on September 13, 2018. News of the anonymous letter provided to Feinstein’s office broke widely the next day. However, even before that, Justice Ginsburg was lamenting how the Supreme Court nomination process had become so politicized.
Justice Ginsburg was interviewed by her former law clerk, Goodwin Liu. During the interview, this exchange took place: --->READ MORE HERE
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Court-Packing Is a Silly Idea and the Senate Knows It:
In the Los Angeles Times, Jonah Goldberg wonders why the idea of a “grand bargain” over the vacant Supreme Court seat isn’t “catching on among senators,” despite “gaining steam among eggheads.” Perhaps, he suggests, “such a deal hinges on the ability of politicians to trust other politicians to keep their word and stand up to bases of their own parties for the long-term good of the country” and “everyone is out of practice with that sort of thing.”
That’s part of it, I’m sure. But I suspect it’s mostly because the idea that the Democratic Party is going to pack the courts is ridiculous. Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, is against such a scheme, and is on the record explaining why. And, even if he were to change his mind under pressure, the political incentives elsewhere simply do not line up. Whom exactly do we imagine is going to vote for this? Joe Manchin, who voted to confirm Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh? Jon Tester? Kyrsten Sinema? Any meaningful Democratic Senate majority would be built atop victories in Arizona, Iowa, and North Carolina. Are these swing-staters really going to line up behind this nuclear option during the first year of their new jobs? --->READ MORE HERE
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