Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Up To 52 Million New Immigrants Could Settle In The US Under The Biden-Harris Plan, Analysis Finds; INCLUDING 20 Million ILLEGALS

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Up To 52 Million New Immigrants Could Settle In The US Under The Biden-Harris Plan, Analysis Finds:
The Biden-Harris immigration plan could allow up to 52 million new immigrants to settle in the U.S., according to a Federation for American Immigration Reform analysis provided to the Daily Caller News Foundation.
“This dramatic increase would eclipse the entire current foreign-born population of the country,” the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a nonprofit that advocates for reduced immigration, stated.
The campaign’s proposals, which include eliminating detention for many illegal border crossers, halting border wall construction, and scaling back deportation, would also increase the taxpayer-funded costs of services and benefits for illegal immigrants to more than $200 billion annually — a 50% increase, according to FAIR’s analysis.
“Campaigns are an opportunity for candidates to present to the voters their vision on important policy matters,” FAIR President Dan Stein said said in a statement. “To their credit, the Biden-Harris campaign has done just that on immigration policy.” --->READ MORE HERE
The Biden plan: 20 million illegal immigrants:
Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden’s campaign has revealed the details of his immigration policy, if elected. The proposal calls for halting construction on border barriers, eliminating detention of illegal immigrants and scaling back workplace enforcement — among other things.
The plan has not gone unnoticed. It would create a “staggering increase of immigrants and population growth” according to a detailed new analysis of the Biden proposal by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). According to the analysis, potential consequences of the Biden immigration plan would include:
• 52 million total new immigrants eventually entering the country — 20 million of them are in the country illegally. --->READ MORE HERE
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