Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Pres Trump says China must be held accountable for spread of COVID-19 in UN speech; Coronavirus among the topics for the first presidential debate Sept. 29; and other C-Virus Updates

Trump says China must be held accountable for spread of COVID-19 in UN speech:
President Trump launched a broadside against China over its mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic and asserted the global might of the US military on Tuesday during an address to the United Nations General Assembly.
“We must hold accountable the nation which unleashed this plague onto the world, China,” the president said in a pre-recorded speech to the virtual global gathering.
“In the earliest days of the virus, China lockdown traveled domestically, while allowing flights to leave China, and in fact the world. China condemned my travel ban on their country, even as they canceled domestic flights and locked citizens in their homes,” he continued.
He went on to call out the World Health Organization, claiming it is “virtually controlled” by the Chinese Communist Party, and said the agency falsely said there was no evidence of human-to-human transmission of the disease, which gave the virus the opportunity to pour outside of China’s borders at the expense of countries worldwide. --->READ MORE HERE
Supreme Court, coronavirus, race among the topics for the first presidential debate Sept. 29:
The topics for the first debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden were revealed on Tuesday, and they include the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic and unrest over racial issues.
Fox News' Chris Wallace will serve as moderator during the 90-minute debate at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, which will begin at 9 p.m. ET on Sept. 29. The Commission on Presidential Debates announced six topics selected by Wallace.
In 15-minute segments, Wallace will ask the candidates about their records, the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, race and unrest throughout the country, and the integrity of the election. The commission said the topics are subject to change depending on any "news developments." --->READ MORE HERE
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