Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Rise of the Latino Republican; Dems Are Flabbergasted as to How Trump Is Gaining Minority Support - But It's Actually Very Simple

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The Rise of the Latino Republican:
There has been a significant amount of garment-rending about the future of the GOP in recent years, as many conservatives worry that the party’s populist turn risks damaging its long-term brand. But the contemporary era in Republican politics has also yielded new and unpredictable electoral opportunities. If new polling is to be believed, for example, President Trump appears to be rapidly gaining ground on Joe Biden in Miami-Dade, the 2.7-million-person county that comprises the most populous voting district in the state of Florida. Biden is still decisively ahead of the president, but his most recent numbers mark a significant deterioration from the Democratic performance in the area four years ago. In 2016, the Trump campaign lost Miami-Dade to Hillary Clinton by a full 30 points; now, that gap has closed to about 17.
What’s most notable is that Trump is now leading Biden by a point or so with the area’s Hispanic voters, who make up 70 percent of Miami-Dade’s total population. Polling in a single county is insufficient evidence for sweeping political conclusions, of course. But Trump’s surprisingly good performance with Hispanic Floridians is mirrored by a number of different polls that suggest a national rightward movement among Latinos. In spite of his hardline rhetoric on immigration, Trump won nearly 30 percent of the Hispanic vote in 2016, and may well be on track to win a larger slice in 2020: As of June, only 59 percent of Hispanic voters said they plan to back Biden over Trump, a step down from the 66 percent that Hillary Clinton won four years ago. And by most metrics, Trump’s approval rating with Hispanics — currently hovering around 40 percent — has been steadily climbing since his inauguration.
These numbers challenge a core assumption shared by both major party establishments: the idea that nonwhite, immigrant voters are predestined to vote Democratic. For Democrats, this assumption manifests in revealingly eager rhetoric about the inevitability of progressivism’s political triumph in a diversifying country. Meanwhile, for Republicans, the fear that “demographics are destiny” — that a less-white America is necessarily a more left-wing one — often drives the increased propensity for immigration restrictionism. --->READ MORE HERE
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Larry Elder: Dems Are Flabbergasted as to How Trump Is Gaining Minority Support - But It's Actually Very Simple:
According to a recent Hill-HarrisX poll of registered voters, President Donald Trump’s approval rating just hit its highest mark since June.
This may or may not hold after back-to-back alleged “bombshells” about what Trump knew about COVID-19 and how he allegedly disparaged fallen soldiers as “losers.”
But still, for Democrats, these new poll numbers are triggering yet another round of head-shaking. After all, the Democratic perception and characterization of Trump is that of a crass, ignorant, xenophobic, incompetent, mass-murdering racist.
How, they ask, can someone who put the “d” in deplorable not find himself universally rejected? Or, as Peter Strzok, the fired senior FBI agent who led the Trump-Russia collusion probe, famously texted about the 2016 election, “Hillary should win 100,000,000-0.”
How, Dems ask, can such an overtly racist president get a 36 percent approval rating by black likely voters in a July Rasmussen poll? --->READ MORE HERE

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