Monday, June 29, 2020

2020 Election Will Be a Contest of the Angry

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
The old 2020 election was supposed to be about many familiar issues. It is not anymore.
Up until now, the candidates themselves would supposedly be the story in November. The left had cited Trump’s tweets and erratic firings as windows into his dark soul.
The right had replied that an addled and befuddled Joe Biden was not really a candidate at all.
Instead, he was a mere facsimile who would have to be carried to Election Day on the shoulders of the Democratic Party, only shortly to fade away.
Then a radical vice president soon could implement a hard-left agenda through succession that she could not through election.
Issues themselves are no longer likely to decide the election, either. Not long ago progressives argued that the miracle Trump economy was in shambles, done in by plague, quarantine, and riot.
They thundered that it was what you would expect from Trump’s innate chaos — a mess that would have to be invented if it had not existed.
The right had countered that deregulation, energy development, tax reform, and reindustrialization that made America Great would make American Great — Again.
For all of 2019 and 2020, Democrats had claimed that a calm abroad would return with a Biden win. They talked of reestablishing the influence of postwar American-led diplomacy, soft power, traditional alliances, transnational organizations, and the United Nations.
Trump Republicans believed all that was more the problem, not the solution. They argued that America’s relationships with NATO, China, and the European Union were now at least founded on reality, not dangerous fantasies and stale bromides.
Trump opponents saw the November election as a return to Washington normality: no more fights with the press, no more paranoia of a deep state, no more dissident generals, canned FBI leaders, or exasperated CIA officials.
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