Monday, June 29, 2020

10 ways Trump can push law and order – and make it stick

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Tweeting out “Law and Order!” every few days with an exclamation mark is OK, but it’s little solace to this country when we are actually suffering from the most widespread and protracted period of anarchy and violence in the modern era. It’s time for Trump to act on law and order, push a winning legislative and budgetary agenda with safety and security as its cornerstone, and communicate those ideas every day to the silent majority looking to the president to fight back.
There is no need for federal action on the George Floyd case. It is getting swift justice. There is however, a need for federal action against the nationwide insurrection in nearly every state, blocking of roads and highways, dismantling and violent occupation of public and even private property, and rising crime from five years of weak-on-crime policies and neutralized police. Rather than promoting federal legislation to further incentivize weak policing and validate the false narrative of the mob, it’s time for Trump to champion a bold contrast addressing the needs of the silent majority of all races and creeds who want law and order, safety and security.
Every day Republicans spend validating the lies of BLM is another day when anarchy and Marxism will consume this country. Aside from the insurrection itself, the war on the police has caused massive increases in crime in major cities. There were 1,600 reports of gunfire in Minneapolis over the past 30 days, up 300 percent relative to the same period in 2019. Every weekend, Chicago, which has tough gun laws, becomes a lawless shootout, with black victims, including children, as casualties. Even New York, which became the safest major city over the past two decades, is now seeing rapid increases in shootings after the NYPD has been neutralized.
This is the true systemic crisis that requires a federal response. To that end, Trump should push the following provisions in stand-alone legislation and in the fiscal year 2021 budget at the end of September:
1. Funding for states that prosecute violent criminals: Rather than threatening states with a carrot and stick through federal grants to make police more like social workers, how about dangling funding to states that work on prosecuting violent criminals? There is an epidemic of repeat violent offenders who continuously violate probation and are out to murder and harm people. Congress needs to condition grant funds to states meeting benchmarks in prosecuting repeat offenders and probation violators. While there has been swift justice for George Floyd, there is no justice for people like 3-year-old Mekhi James, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in Chicago this past weekend in one of over 100 shootings. Chicago has gone beyond soft on gun felons and probation violators, and now the police are standing back and taking a hands-off approach to violent criminals. Do Republicans want their federal legislation focused on incentivizing more of these shootings or disincentivizing them?
2. Defund states that are sanctuaries for criminal aliens and anarchists: Defund sanctuary cities and states. These are the same jurisdictions that are allowing rioters and anarchists to take over city streets. Ignoring federal law was the first step toward today’s breakdown of order. It’s time to condition any law enforcement grants, including existing programs, on cooperation with federal law. Also, Congress should focus on the forgotten victims of illegal aliens by allowing citizens to sue sanctuary officials who release criminal aliens. Congress should also create a fund for victims of illegal aliens out of the money saved from denying grant programs to sanctuaries.
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