Tuesday, October 1, 2019

ICE Catches Numerous Illegals Convicted of Child Sex Offenses After Sanctuary Cities Set Them Free

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It was a perfect picture Thursday of liberalism in America.
With Democrats and the establishment media in the nation’s capital obsessed with a new round of impeachment fever, it might have been be easy to forget about some of the real, actual crises the country is facing thanks to liberal intransigence.
But, according to Fox News, acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Matthew Albence had a stark reminder during a White House briefing that included law enforcement officers from around the country.
Albence was announcing an ICE operation that had taken 1,300 illegal aliens off the streets after they had been released by “sanctuary city” policies that keep local law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.
As a result of those policies, according to Fox, the ICE arrests this week included about 100 individuals who had been convicted of sexual offenses — and about half of those had committed their crimes against children. They would have been behind bars already if local agencies had honored ICE detainer requests, Fox reported.
At the White House briefing, Albence said local officials are endangering their own citizens when they fail to help enforce immigration laws.
“It’s time to publicly call out those who have put politics over public safety, those who make our communities less secure, who create safe havens in which criminal aliens and gangs are allowed to flourish and can victimize innocent people with impunity,” he said.
“Who are these sanctuary cities really protecting?” he said. “The answer, sadly — and often tragically — are criminal aliens.”
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