Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Foreign Influence: Chinese ILLEGALS Come To Our Border Without Any Vetting, Yet They Are Released

Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images
The Democratic push for open borders and for other countries’ nationals to determine our destiny is the ultimate foreign influence over our government. The biggest threat is the large number of Chinese aliens coming in, thanks to the lack of a full border wall and more aggressive use of the military at the border. Now that Democrats appear to be so concerned about sovereignty and foreign influence with the Ukrainian government, perhaps they will pay attention to one of the forgotten problems of their open border policies.
“Chinese nationals are coming to our border in increasing numbers with absolutely no way to vet them and they are all allowed into our country as legitimate asylees,” said one veteran agent who patrols the Rio Grande Valley Sector in an interview with CR.
“This is the biggest national security, espionage, and cybersecurity threat to our nation that policymakers in Washington are completely ignoring,” said the agent who must remain anonymous because he is active duty and is not authorized to speak to the media.
I reached out to the agent after reading media releases nearly every day from CBP referencing Chinese illegal aliens at the border. Just Wednesday, CBP in the Laredo Sector reported on a group of illegal aliens caught who hailed from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and … China. One of these is not like the other. A news release from Tuesday references a stash house in Mission, Texas, with “nine subjects and determined them to be Chinese nationals.”
Based on data from weekly Texas border apprehension reports that CR has been given by an agent in the field, a total of 118 Chinese nationals have been apprehended just in Texas during the first two weeks of September.
This is a pace of over 3,000 Chinese nationals coming through the border just in Texas alone under very suspicious circumstances every year. Last year, according to CBP, 991 were caught at the entire southwest border, plus another 86 at the northern and maritime borders.
Why do I say suspicious? Read the rest from Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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