Thursday, May 2, 2019

President Trump Is Asking for Emergency Border Funds. IS CONGRESS STILL AWOL?

Photo: Pete Marovich/Stringer/Getty Images
Reach back into the deep recesses of ancient history—a few months ago, when the president shut down the government over omnibus spending because the Congress wouldn’t provide funding for the border wall.
At the time, the president’s opposition in Congress refused to budge because they claimed there was no crisis. Now, because nothing was done, the U.S. faces record-high numbers of illegal border crossers.
The numbers are so overwhelming that the Department of Homeland Security can’t detain or house them all. So the president has, once again, asked for emergency funds to help deal with the mess at the border.
Make no mistake, the president’s request is a test for Congress: Will it admit there is a crisis now?
The administration has asked for $4.5 billion. Trump made it easy for the opposition. He didn’t ask for a cent of wall funding. He asked for $3.3 billion for humanitarian assistance, which is needed to deal with the tsumani of asylum requests created by the loopholes that Congress refuses to close. He’s also asked for another $2.8 billion for additional bed space, and another $1 billion-plus for border operations.
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