Thursday, May 2, 2019

President Trump: No Work Permits for Migrants Seeking Asylum

John Moore/Getty
President Donald Trump has directed deputies to quickly draft regulations which will deny work permits to asylum-seeking illegal migrants, shorten the asylum process to 180 days, and charge migrants a fee to apply for asylum.
The new directive provides a legal foundation for the fast-track regulations when they are attacked in court by progressive judges and pro-migration groups. The regulations will be published by the end of July.
The impact of the new regulations is difficult to predict, partly because some are difficult to implement, and some will be delayed or blocked by pro-migration judges.
Also, the migrants get a vote and will work with the cartels and American lawyers to find workarounds. Democrats and GOP leaders in Congress may also try to block the rules.
Roughly 100,000 adults and children crossed the border in March. In the 12 months up to October, roughly one million poor migrants are expected to use the various catch-and-release loopholes — including requests for asylum — to stay and work in the United States for at least several years.
The migrants use the loopholes to take jobs in blue-collar workplaces, so forcing down wages for blue-collar Americans. The migrants also send their kids to the schools used by blue-collar Americans, so damaging the education received by American kids. The migrants, however, provide cheap labor for white-collar Americans, including immigration lawyers.
Roughly 800,000 migrants are into the United States waiting for asylum hearings which can be delayed for several years.
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