Friday, May 3, 2019

Real Leverage on Illegal Immigration

The main reason it is so difficult to deal with illegal immigration is that there is an unwritten but not secret alliance between RINOs who want cheap labor and leftists who want new voters. It is not clear whether either side of that bargain really gets what it wants, but it endures. Meanwhile, conservatives want a secure border and the rule of law. Keeping criminals and drugs out is a high priority and only a wall or other barriers will do, The RINOs and leftists are willing to tolerate the criminals and drugs in return for their other goals.
What do conservatives want? Of course, no list will be agreed to by all but here are the main desired reforms:
1. Build a border wall or other barriers.
2. Mandate E-verify.
3. End chain migration
4. End the visa lottery.
5. End “catch and release”.
6. Tighten rules for asylum seekers and only admit them after they prove their case.
7. End sanctuary cities, states, or other jurisdictions.
8. Add citizenship question to 2020 census. Redistrict based on only U.S. citizens.
Liberals want none of the above; they want open borders.
President Trump is dealing with two distinct adversaries. The first is the Democrats, of course. They are truly shameful, showing no empathy for the Americans who are harmed by unsecured borders but demanding special treatment for the illegal invaders. The only logical explanation is their expectation that these illegals and their children will eventually vote, and those votes will help realize the Democrat dream of one-party dominance for them. Perhaps more cynical are the RINOs who are willing to risk the future of their country in return for short term cheap labor
There laws on the books which could be invoked to raise the stakes for the progressives and RINOs so high that they would have to back down. I am speaking first of the laws prohibiting the employment of illegal aliens, aka “undocumented workers”. Second, there are laws prohibiting the harboring of or abetting illegal aliens.
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