Wednesday, August 29, 2018

FEEL GOOD STORY OF THE DAY: ICE ‘surprise’ arrest in Sacramento courtroom could have chilling effect across state

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents entered Sacramento Superior Court last week and handcuffed an immigrant, making an arrest inside a courtroom that is considered a first of its type in the state, one that could have a chilling effect across California.
“This will turn the judicial system on its head,” Sacramento attorney Charles Pacheco said.
Pacheco said Wednesday’s arrest happened as a Sacramento Superior Court arraignment for his client, Yovanny Ontiveros-Cebreros, was concluding. Pacheco said ICE agents placed his client in handcuffs.
Pacheco said he asked Superior Court Judge Lawrence Brown to step in, and Brown placed Ontiveros-Cebreros in the area behind the bar that’s designated for defendants who are in custody before proceeding to hear another 10 cases.
After Brown concluded hearing his other cases, he entered his chambers only to return to the bench and say that ICE had a warrant for Ontiveros-Cebreros’ arrest, Pacheco said. Brown was “puzzled,” Pacheco said.
“The judge was weak — he had no control of his courtroom, and allowed the federal government to come into his court,” Pacheco said. “He (Brown) just wanted to neutralize the situation, so he could figure out what was going on, and then he felt that it was justified that the (ICE) guy said there was a warrant for illegal re-entry.”
Brown responded to Pacheco’s comments in a statement to The Sacramento Bee, explaining that judges do not prevent lawful arrest warrants from being enforced.
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