Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Massive Lies Of Past Presidents Make Trump Look Honest

What the media rarely include in their assessment of Trump’s truthfulness is that all presidents lie.
Is Donald Trump the most pathological liar of the modern presidency? The Washington Post thinks so, reporting that Trump made 3,251 “false or misleading claims” during his first 497 days in office. That’s an average of more than 6.5 “falsehoods” a day. The New York Times agrees, providing what it called a definitive list of “outright lies” during the president’s first 10 months that amounted to a daily public “lie” for the first 40 days of his presidency.
Trump’s “narcissistic lies,” wrote a George Mason University professor of government, vastly exceed the lies of previous presidents — striking “at the very heart of democracy.” According to an in-depth Politico article, Trump is not just a liar, he’s the prince of liars, combining Richard Nixon’s compulsion to lie, Joseph McCarthy’s cynicism, and Ronald Reagan’s disregard for the facts.
Twenty-seven mental health professionals were so concerned they contributed to a book titled “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump” that concluded: “We warn that anyone as mentally unstable as Mr. Trump simply should not be entrusted with the life-and-death powers of the presidency.” Indeed, their concern was so great that every one of the “professionals” diagnosed Trump without ever meeting him — a serious breach of medical ethics.
Their long-distance diagnosis brought to mind the 1964 presidential campaign, when 1,189 psychiatrists said that conservative Republican Barry Goldwater was “psychologically unfit” to be president, although not one of them had ever spent one minute with the senator from Arizona, a two-star general in the Air Force reserves who routinely passed annual physical examinations while flying the latest jets.
Read the rest from Lee Edwards HERE at The Federalist.

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Anonymous said...

Not gonna read the rest because it's all just hooey.

Everyone knows Trump lies through his teeth ever single day, that he can't help himself, and that no other president in our lifetime as been such a bald-faced liar.

These defenses of Trump are truly hilarious. What's remarkable is that not only does Trump not have a bottom, his supporters don't either.