Wednesday, May 30, 2018

THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN: GOP Senators Revive Push for Quick Amnesty

Zach Gibson/Getty Images
Pro-amnesty Senators in both parties are trying again to deliver an amnesty to at least two million ‘DACA’ illegals — and also to several hundred thousand people with expiring “Temporary Protected Status.”
MSNBC got a briefing from GOP Sen. James Lankford, and Politico was briefed by multiple GOP and Democratic Senators about their amnesty plans.
Their emerging plans for a quick amnesty are tied to the push for a discharge-petition amnesty in the House, and to the likely court approval for ending the DACA amnesty, which is now held by 700,000 adult children of illegal immigrants. Also, business and progressive advocates want a quick amnesty to help keep the immigration issue out of the November election, out of fear that voters may endorse President Donald Trump’s low-immigration/high-wage policy.
The Politico article included no mention of possible safeguards or wage-protections for American workers amid a new flood of migrant workers, but it acknowledged that the pro-illegal push might be blocked by Trump’s continued campaign for his four-part immigration reform plan. Politico reported: --->
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