Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Hey Facebook, Send Jack Bosman's Security Code To His E-Mail or NEW Cell Phone Number

Things had been going great in the land of Right Speak.

I hadn't been in FB jail for awhile for so-called spamming MY OWN GROUP.S (how do you spam your own groups?).

The Fan page has been gaining in popularity as more and more people have been liking the page and commenting on articles posted there. Things were going fine on the CONSERVATIVE RIGHT SPEAK PAGE that has been sending a fair amount of traffic to the Right Speak website.


Out of the blue, upon trying to log-in one day, I was required to send in documents to verify my identity. I complied, the documents were accepted, and I was left alone for about 3 weeks.

Facebook screenshot
About 2 weeks ago, I received another warning while trying to log-in. My account would now require a verification code being sent to my cell phone. Sending it to my email address on file was not an option.

The problem with the text to my cell phone is that the number they want to send the code to was a number I changed back in 2016 because I had been getting weird phone calls from people I didn't know.

I've tried contacting FB through emails (they don't have a phone number) for the past 2 weeks AND NO ONE responds to or even acknowledges my request for help.

The following is the text from my last email to them. By this time, you can see that my frustration is beginning to show:


Please help again. I have been unable to log-in to FB for about a week. It all started with a message about unusual activity. that message led me to a security check message that requires a text message to my old cell phone number (XXX) XXX-XXXX. I changed that number last year because I was getting calls from people I didn't know. My new cell phone number is YYY-YYY-YYYY. I don't remember whether I ever changed it in my FB profile.

I tried account recovery/changing password different ways to try and solve the issue my self and it always requires sending a confirmation code to a phone number I no longer have. How do I get into my account when the only option that is given is the same no matter what I try? A code sent to a cell phone number that I changed. Is it possible to send the code to my email instead or the admins on my FB Page if FB won't send it to my new phone number?

Recently I was asked to send in proof of identity and I did and everything was fine until this happened. I don't know why I was flagged this time. It's been a week now and I have a popular page to attend to and I can't. PLEASE HELP AGAIN or tell me what I need to do.

I'm hoping that by making my predicament public, that FB will finally respond and help me out.

.... Hey Facebook, send my security code to my E-Mail address or NEW Phone Number,

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