Wednesday, May 30, 2018

‘Amnesty First’ Breaks Faith With the American People

Photo: Alex Segura/EFE/Newscom
It’s being reported that House Republicans plan to vote on several immigration bills in June in order to head off a discharge petition by a group of party moderates that would force a vote on amnesty.
Those bills, as I noted previously, are in fact amnesty bills.
And as is generally the case with amnesty bills, these proposals are growing more and more unfair not just to American citizens, but to legal immigrants.
Amnesty rewards those who have broken the law with citizenship, a precious thing in a republic, while millions of legal immigrants have waited—and are waiting—to come to the U.S. the right way.
There are also millions of people who want to come to the U.S., but have no legal right to come here, and so they decide to respect our laws and stay where they are.
A government policy that rewards law-breaking aliens, rather than law-respecting immigrants, should trouble Congress.
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