Saturday, May 12, 2018

The DHS continues to facilitate ‘caravan’ invasion against Trump’s wishes

Even a wall won’t stop our bad policies.
If an invading army approached our border, would we be able to stop it? Or are our military and “deterrent” capabilities limited to refereeing Sunni-Shia civil wars in the Middle East? As President Trump once said, either we have a country or we don’t.
As we noted on Friday, despite presidential promises to keep out the caravan, the DHS has processed most of those who made it to the border, and according to a BuzzFeed reporter, they are being not only let in, but released into the population.
Let’s not forget that this particular public caravan is a deliberate invasion. The fact that we call it a “caravan” doesn’t change the fact that it is the most solemn job of a president to keep this country safe from an invasion. Even if catch-and-release was mandated by our immigration statutes, this is not legitimate asylum, this is a deliberate invasion. If liberals want to fund all of Latin America, they can do so from their bank accounts, but why should Americans suffer?
As of the weekend, at least 228 invaders were allowed into the country for processing, according to BuzzFeed. Given that many of them are family units, they will likely all be released.
Even a wall won’t stop deliberate self-immolation --->
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