Sunday, May 13, 2018

No, We Can’t Compromise On Transgenderism

Men cannot simply decide they are women. This is a basic truth that conservatives should not deny for fear of social strife.
A thoughtful and important, although wildly wrongheaded, article appeared in National Review Online this week, urging conservatives to compromise on the transgender issue. Author J.J. McCullough and National Review are to be commended for running the article. Not only is it a testament to ideological diversity, it’s an important conversation that we need to have.
That said, the conservative shift on the definition of gender the author suggests is not a compromise, it’s surrender. Moreover, it’s a surrender that is not justified.
Two arguments stand out and require serious scrutiny. The author refers to transgenderism first as “a persistent aspect of humanity,” then again as “an inescapable human phenomenon.” These phrases are used to draw a comparison between transgenderism and homosexuality, the central analogy of the article. The idea is that, just as conservatives lost the battle over gay marriage, they are destined to lose the battle over transgenderism. The suggestion is that we should somehow get in front of this inevitable defeat.
There is no doubt that homosexuality is a persistent aspect of humanity and an inescapable human phenomenon. But the evidence that this is also true of transgenderism is a fantasy. There are thousands of years of cultural reference to homosexuality — some in favor, more against. But we see it everywhere in our history. This is simply not true of the notion that a man can choose to actually be a woman, or the reverse. In fact, that notion is a recent development.
Read the rest from David Marcus HERE at The Federalist.

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