Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sessions’ answer on “separating families” is both brutal, true and SPOT-ON

One of the toughest situations for our Customs and Border Patrol officers is when they are forced to deal with two categories of illegal aliens: unaccompanied minors and what immigration officials refer to as Family Units (FUs). The Family Unit designation applies to multiple, related illegal aliens including minor children. Contrary to the monstrous picture of our immigration enforcement officials painted by Democrats, nobody wants to see innocent children displaced or split up from their families. Unfortunately, in order to comply with our own laws and ensure the safety of minors, that’s what winds up happening all too often on the Mexican border.
But who is really to blame for that? The law enforcement officials who are following the rules or the parents who choose to knowingly break the law by bringing or sending their children across the border illegally? When Attorney General Jeff Sessions had the question put to him recently he delivered a stiff dose of harsh reality.
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