Friday, September 22, 2017

America first? Trump to take in Australia's REJECTED immigrants

During the campaign, Trump boldly declared that America has become “a dumping ground for the rest of the world.” It was one of the statements that enraged the political class but endeared him to the forgotten people of America. Well, now it appears that he is greenlighting the ultimate dump of another country’s rejected, and likely dangerous, Islamic illegal aliens.
Many Trump supporters were hoping that yesterday’s stellar “America First” speech at the UN might portend a renewal of the promised agenda. Among other things, Trump spoke with moral clarity about the need to resettle refugees in the Middle East and not in the Western Hemisphere. Yet now it appears that he is not only keeping the refugee program, he is taking in the Muslim refugees rejected by Australia!
Today, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull informed the American people through the media that the first 50 of the 1,250 rejected Australian refugees from the Middle East will be arriving in America. Yes, we are now finding out information about the future members of our society from foreign countries, not our own government. According to Politico, Turnbull confided that Trump did have some reservations, “but nonetheless, he is honoring the commitment made by his predecessor.”
Where are the refugees, who are currently being held by Australia on Manus Island, originally from? According to Reuters, “from countries such as Bangladesh, Sudan, and Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar.” Almost all of them are grown men. As CIS’ Nayla Rush chronicles in a detailed report, many of the refugees are from countries that are already part of the immigration ban. She further records how local news reports and accounts from international medical experts show rampant problems with mental illness, violence, and rape allegations.
This deal must be stopped in its tracks immediately.
Read the rest from the Conservative Review's Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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