Friday, September 22, 2017

Top Trump General: Iran's Complying With The Agreement. Trump Should Kill The Deal Anyway

On Wednesday, the day after President Trump spoke at the United Nations tearing into the Iran nuclear deal cut by President Obama, and just hours after Trump said he’d made a decision on whether or not to withdraw from that deal, Gen. John Hyten, top general of US Strategic Command, stated that Iran was indeed complying with the deal. Hyten stated, “The facts are that Iran is operating under the agreements that we signed up for under the JCPOA.” Hyten added, “But at the same time they are rapidly, rapidly deploying and developing a whole series of ballistic missiles of all ranges that provides significant concerns to not just the United States, but our allies.”
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And herein lies the problem. It is plausible that Iran is complying with the JCPOA – after all, the very terms of the JCPOA are loose and ridiculous. They were designed to be so, so that Obama could insulate Iran from the possibility of a withdrawal. But Trump doesn’t have to abide by those rules. He doesn’t answer to the intelligence community, nor does he answer to the international community. He is president, and he has every right and ability to withdraw from the deal unilaterally for any reason he sees fit, including the stupidity of the deal itself.
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