Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ted Cruz: How to degrade the growing power of North Korea

Four years ago, North Korea's Rodong newspaper released a photograph of Kim Jong Un sitting in front of an intercontinental-ballistic-missile targeting map depicting Washington, Los Angeles and Austin. What once may have sparked laughter is no longer a joke. Kim's latest successful ICBM test last week could make the entire continental United States vulnerable to a nuclear strike from Pyongyang.
We can no longer defer our response to this crisis. North Korea has demonstrated, time and again, that it may upend the tenuous armistice along the 38th parallel at any moment and drag the United States and our allies into a devastating conflict. What the United States needs now is swift action backed by a realistic strategy to secure the denuclearization and reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
We can achieve this if we effectively nullify Pyongyang's ability to target the United States and our allies, freeze the resources that North Korea funnels to its ballistic missile and nuclear capabilities, and send a signal to disenchanted Korean Workers Party elites that they could have a future in a reunified Korea.
Today, only the ground-based midcourse defense system — designed to intercept ICBMs as they travel through space — protects the United States from nuclear attack. The terminal high-altitude area defense system, calibrated to destroy medium-range missiles as they reenter Earth's atmosphere, defends South Korea. Both platforms, and accompanying missile-interceptor programs such as the multi-object kill vehicle, must remain top priorities, but North Korea's ICBM tests necessitate new measures.
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