Thursday, August 3, 2017

BOMBSHELL: Here’s How Far D.C. Went to Exempt Itself From Obamacare

This is maddening beyond words. Though many were writing and suggesting this was the case over a year ago, documents have now surfaced thanks to Judicial Watch that prove Barack Obama’s Office of Personnel Management (the agency that handles benefits to Congress and their staffs) intentionally manipulated and falsified documents to ensure that these federal workers in D.C. could be exempt from the mandates of Obamacare that they forced upon all other Americans.
The enactment of the deceptively-named Affordable Care Act necessarily tossed our “civil servants” in D.C. out of the luxury Federal Employee Health Benefits Program they had been used to, and forced them to sign up in one of the new Obamacare insurance exchanges.
But while Obama and the Congress were toasting one another and telling the American people how great these new healthcare exchanges were going to be, they were not about to suffer through having to utilize them personally. The exchanges were good enough for you, but not for them.
So both President Obama and Congressional leaders went to work pressuring the OPM to allow the House and Senate to join the D.C. “Small Business Health Options Program” rather than be forced to abide by the rules they’d set for the American people.
Read the rest from Peter Heck HERE.

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cimbri said...

I hope Trump doesn't get involved in this ACA repeal effort any further. It's Congress' baby. They won 3 elections over this one issue. Trump should leave it up to the People to make the changes in Congress. Apparently, the Congress still doesn't get it so let's have one more election to finally decide the issue.