Monday, May 22, 2017

Democrats May Come To Regret Mueller Investigation Into Trump-Russia Ties

Russian Connection: The naming of former FBI head Robert Mueller to look into allegations of improper Russian influence on the last election should have a clarifying effect — and not just for President Donald Trump, who is the main target of the probe. President Obama's and Hillary Clinton's Russian ties will come under the legal microscope, too.
Mueller, who was named by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to act as special counsel, has a reputation for being a competent straight shooter. After all, he was able to get along with both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. We hope and expect he'll produce a responsible investigation of what's taken place and do so as quickly as possible.
Yet, it's pretty clear to anyone being even a little bit honest that this whole thing is a political stink bomb set off by progressive Democrats and their far-left allies in the mainstream media.
We have still yet to see any damning evidence that Trump either "colluded" with the Russians or that he obstructed justice in handling the case with recently fired FBI Director James Comey. And remember, this "investigation" has been underway since last June.
Apart from numerous, entirely anonymously sourced news reports in the mainstream media, the evidence of any kind of misconduct by Trump is shockingly thin.
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