Monday, May 22, 2017

FCC Takes The First Step Toward A Truly Free And Open Internet

Regulation: "Net neutrality" has become the Holy Grail of various so-called consumer organizations. But government regulation isn't what consumers need. Competition is. And there would be more of that if the government would get out of the way.
On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 2-1 to start undoing the massive expansion of the FCC's regulatory control over the internet, enacted two years ago by the Obama administration under the guise of protecting "net neutrality."
The FCC's new chairman Ajit Pai
From the reaction — or more accurately, the overreaction — from advocacy groups and know-nothing pundits, you'd think they'd just voted to exterminate the internet.
Let's leave aside the fact that the internet thrived for decades without any federal rules mandating how internet providers manage traffic on their networks. The question going forward is what is the best policy for consumers.
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