Monday, February 27, 2017

Ted Cruz: Iran Deal Designed to Enable Cheating

The Obama administration structured the Iran nuclear deal to cover up Iranian violations, which may make it impossible to rigorously enforce the landmark agreement as Trump administration officials have suggested, according to a top Republican senator.
The comments from Texas senator Ted Cruz come amid White House debate over how to approach the agreement, which Trump described on the campaign trail as “the worst deal ever negotiated," as well as congressional moves to impose non-nuclear sanctions against Tehran for ballistic missile development, terrorism, and human rights violations.
"It was designed to facilitate cheating, and so the only reasonable inference is, of course they're cheating," Cruz told reporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference. "This deal was structured so that there are significant facilities in Iran immune from inspection, and indeed we're trusting the Iranians to 'inspect themselves.'"
The flaws in the deal would make it difficult to enforce as the Trump administration is considering, Cruz added.
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