Sunday, February 26, 2017

More of ivanka's (and her hubby) Liberal Interference on Trump Policy

President Trump needs to rein in his LIBERAL daughter. There was THIS the other day and now THIS:
Ivanka Trump and her husband, White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, intervened to get a pending executive order stripped of language critical of an international climate agreement signed by President Barack Obama.
Kushner and Ivanka “intervened to strike language about the climate deal from an earlier draft of the executive order,” sources familiar with the matter told The Wall Street Journal.
Maybe Ivanka can run for President in 20 years as a 
LIBERAL DEMOCRAT. In the mean time, keep your 
liberal ideas to yourself. THEY DON'T HELP YOUR DAD!
Ivanka and her husband “have been considered a moderating influence on the White House’s position on climate change and environmental issues,” WSJ reports. Now, the executive order will have no mention of the so-called Paris agreement.
President Donald Trump is expected to sign two executive orders in the coming days to begin dismantling Obama’s Climate Action Plan and other costly environmental regulations. The orders reportedly target the Clean Power Plan (CPP), a moratorium on new coal mining leases, and the “Waters of the U.S.” rule.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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