Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump Nation Eagerly Awaits the Greatness He Promised: Time To Deliver

President-elect Donald Trump was propelled into power by an army of supporters fed up with the status quo and eager for change.
Now, it's time for him to deliver.
As many across the country look apprehensively toward the future, Trump's biggest backers remain elated by his surprise victory and are keenly awaiting his inauguration Friday. But as they look forward to his presidency, they are expressing a mix of hope, excitement and trepidation as the man who promised so much on the campaign stage now faces the challenges of governing.
"I'm thrilled, absolutely thrilled," said Paula Pierce, a substitute teacher and Trump supporter who lives in Manchester, New Hampshire, which delivered Trump his first primary win. "And worried for him as well because I don't want to see Washington swallow him up."
For Trump's supporters, his campaign was about more than just politics. Trump promised to make their lives better by bringing jobs back from overseas, reviving struggling manufacturing sectors and fundamentally changing the way the U.S. engages with the rest of the world. He said out loud the things they were thinking, giving them new permission to express politically incorrect views.
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