Sunday, January 22, 2017

Ted Cruz ‘energized' about Trump administration

For weeks during the campaign they were bitter political enemies from the same party, but as President Donald Trump takes office, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz said he is “energized” by the new administration.
“Oh listen it was a vigorous race. He competed hard. I competed hard,” Cruz told WFAA in an interview at his fourth floor office on Capitol Hill. “He won. The people decided. He’s the president now and I’m energized.”
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In a surprise appearance at Texas’ Black Tie and Boots Presidential Inaugural Ball last night, Donald Trump, Jr. made a similar declaration telling the crowd that his family’s relationship with Cruz “didn't start great but it is now.”
"He's a great friend," Trump, Jr. added.
“We’re in a different state now,” said Cruz. “We’ve been given control of the White House, every executive branch and both house of Congress. Now we’ve gotta deliver.”
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