Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Trump Presidency Begins: Time For Some Optimistic Skepticism

Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images
As we enter the Era of Trump, many Americans find themselves feeling tentative about the future of the country. Trump’s incoming approval ratings are historically low, but Americans are optimistic about 2017. The economy seems to be on firm footing, but economists suspect a recession will occur sometime in the next four years. On foreign policy, President Obama leaves a globe in shambles, with our enemies empowered and our allies frightened; President Trump is a cipher, with a cozy view of Russia and isolationist tendencies, but a willingness to build up the military for deterrence purposes. And socially, we’re more divided than we’ve been in decades.
President Obama leaves with high approval ratings despite his shoddy record. History won’t judge him kindly.
But now he’s gone. So, what can we expect from President Trump?
The honest answer: nobody really knows.
Here’s what we do know: Donald Trump will continue to be Donald Trump. It means speaking some politically incorrect truths that enrage the media, attacking the media directly, and targeting political enemies with joy and alacrity. It means nasty and silly statements masquerading as political incorrectness, and Kellyanne Conway walking those statements back while claiming they never happened. It means slamming particular companies to earn headlines, bouncing around the stock market and our allies through foolish tweets, and epic photo ops and press conferences. It means policy heresies no decent conservative would have accepted just four years ago being mainstreamed as “populist Trumpism.”
Trump will remain Trump. His character is a constant.
But here’s what we don’t know: what Trump’s policy will look like.
It could be great. We could get a conservative Supreme Court justice or more, cuts to regulation, repeal and replacement of Obamacare, tax reductions, and a military rebuild.
But all of that depends on how Trump governs. ...
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