Thursday, November 3, 2016

#NeverTrump Must Never Forget How Utterly Terrible Hillary Clinton Also Is

Hillary Clinton, now once again under FBI investigation for having flagrantly vitiated U.S. national security due to what septuagenarian loonbag socialist communist Bernie Sanders might call her “damn emails,” is (still) all but certain to become the next President of the United States. This became true the night that Sen. Ted Cruz withdrew from the Republican presidential primary fight following his May 3 loss in Indiana, and it was only made more true when RNC Chairman Reince Priebus teamed up with Paul Manafort and other Trump henchmen in Cleveland to brazenly quash the ascendant #FreeTheDelegates movement and assure the “alt-right” orange god-king of his successful hostile takeover of the Party of Lincoln.
I first became #NeverTrump back in early March, when the visceral sting of watching the narcissist double—and triple—down on his vows to jam war crime orders down the throats of honorably serving military generals simply became too reminiscent of the ghosts of the fascists of the past for me to ignore. I have never wavered from that position, including up to the moment I did what I said I would do by voting for Evan McMullin to be our next President of the United States. (I happily voted early for Evan this past weekend; I fundamentally oppose early voting, in principle—which is perhaps a post for another day—but I also see no sense in unilaterally disarming when it is an available option.)
At the same time as I have opposed Donald J. Trump as strongly as I have, I have made abundantly clear my extreme distaste for Hillary Rodham Clinton. It speaks volumes about the 2016 dumpster fire and its abundance of internecine recriminations that I even felt the need to make this clear. I am in my most natural state when I am trolling and aggravating the Left; fighting the Left and exposing inveterate Leftists as the morally relativistic, Western civilization-bashing misanthropes they are is literally what motivated me to turn to conservative blogging in the first place. I seriously pause whenever a Leftist friend or acquaintance likes an anti-Trump tweet or Facebook post of mine; not because Trump isn’t awful (he is), but because I am both personally hardwired to fight the Left and because I earnestly believe that the modern Left poses a calamitous threat to the security and soundness of the free world.
In my “#NeverTrump Cheat Sheet” back in May, I ranked the prospect of affirmatively voting for Hillary to be a worse option than taking cyanide: ...
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