Thursday, November 3, 2016

You Can Make Your Protest Vote Count. Here’s How

Voting third-party does not translate into voicelessness—not this year. Here's how to make sure your vote has an impact beyond 2016.
The Trump campaign has been tanking this October. Donald Trump’s numbers have been looking poor in almost every national poll. States ordinarily assumed to be red (Arizona, Utah, Indiana) are turning into battleground states as Hillary Clinton takes advantage of her far superior war chest and ground game. It’s still October, and we probably have not seen the last surprise—but as of now it looks exceedingly unlikely that Donald Trump will be our next president.
Bringing out voters to save congressional seats and other down-ballot candidates is one major project of the moment. If conservative voters are so demoralized they won’t come to the polls, we could be slaughtered in state-level competitions, giving Clinton a free hand to enact her progressive agenda.
It can be tough to motivate Trump-hating voters to take the trouble, so one way to sweeten the incentives might be to remind people that they can still make an important statement with their presidential vote, which might influence the quality of future candidates. ...
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