Thursday, November 3, 2016

FBI Reopens Hillary Email Investigation: Why Not Impeach Her? ... That's Right, IMPEACH HER

Hillary Clinton was on her campaign jet when the news broke that the FBI was going to reopen its probe into her email. That extra bumpy turbulence that the press on board felt was not due to rough air outside. It was the lurch of a presidential campaign 11 days away from an election being frightened to its core.
Clinton's staff said it learned of the news only after landing because the plane's wifi system was out. Uh-huh. Just like President Obama found out about Clinton's private email through the news "the same time everybody else learned it." We all know how that story turned out. He knew about her unsecure email setup long before that because he used it.
In light of the FBI reopening its probe, some are asking Clinton to step down as the Democrats' candidate. She won't. Clintons don't do that. Bowing out would be tantamount to admitting guilt. That's a place the Clintons never go.
But there is an alternative channel to stopping another corrupt Clinton from obtaining the highest levers of government: Impeach her now.
I suggested this two months ago, when there was more time for Congress to complete the proceedings before the election. Now only days remain.
Yet there is still enough time to bring charges against her in the House. ...
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