Friday, November 4, 2016

Note to NeverTrumpers: Just Because You Dislike Trump Doesn't Make Hillary Anything But Horrible

This election cycle, conservatives have watched aghast the deeply upsetting phenomenon of heretofore conservative thoughtleaders doing logical and political backflips to excuse the foibles and evils of Republican candidate Donald Trump. It’s possible to support Trump to stop Hillary and still call out his problems and lies, but some top conservatives have simply refused to do so. Some of that’s pure politicking – if you have nothing nice to say about the candidate you support, don’t say anything at all. And some of that is surely due to a generalized inability to escape cognitive dissonance: many of those who despise Hillary Clinton can’t stand the idea of Trump as a bad man with a bad political program and no root sense of conservatism.
But now, we’re seeing the flip side of that with some prominent Never Trump voices – people who dislike Trump, don’t support him, and therefore inflate Hillary Clinton, pretending she isn’t what she so clearly is, or act as though the media aren’t biased in her favor, or treat this latest FBI reopening of the email investigation as a big zero.
For example, The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, a conservative commentator, appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources over the weekend, where she stated that there was no serious bias against Trump in the media – there was “an ebb and flow” to news coverage. That’s clearly false. The media have been overwhelmingly biased against Trump in the general election, in both choice of coverage and content of coverage, after spending most of the Republican primaries propping Trump up. Denying media bias because Trump is a terrible candidate is illogical and wrong.
Read the rest from Ben Shapiro HERE.

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GJPinks said...

True, but first, I am sick and tired of holding my nose and voting for a liberal compounded by the fact that Trump and his entire family are new York progressive democRATs
Second Trump told me he doesn't want or need my vote.
Trumpidians and the 10,000,000 democRATics who changed parties so they could make sure the only candidate she could beat is not my fault. Not my circus, not my monkey.