Saturday, November 12, 2016

Donald Trump Won Because Americans Are Biased, Against Washington

I have a friend on Facebook who, in the wake of the shocking results late last night, posted about how he was surprised by the fact that there are so many people in America who hate women (including, as he wrote, so many women). I know emotions are raw right now, but come on. Besides being patently ridiculous, it also misses some key points.
The biggest is that, quite simply, Donald Trump’s victory had nothing to do with gender, or race or anything else that could be rolled up into identity politics. 2016 ended up being a referendum on Washington, D.C., period. From the primary campaign, where Trump outlasted 16 other opponents far more tied to Washington than him, and where Hillary Clinton faced a much greater challenge than expected from an outsider Bernie Sanders run. And in the general election, we saw the disdain people have for Washington grow larger than anyone thought possible.
This was not an uneducated, white man voting pattern either. If so, how does that account for the fact that a higher percentage of Latinos voted for Trump than Romney in 2012. A higher percentage of African Americans. A higher percentage of young people. A higher percentage of educated women, and almost as high a percentage of women in general. (On the flipside, will Democrats have a hard look internally after this election, considering Hillary Clinton had a lower percentage of each of these groups than President Obama did in 2012?)
There are several reasons why this was a broad, sweeping over-performance by Trump, across demographics. ...
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great article title. It is true.

But contrasts to Mitt Romney are premature. Wait for certified results first.

In 2012 people also jumped the gun and falsely claimed Romney got fewer votes than McCain. After tallying all the voting, Mitt received a million more votes than McCain had.

The media, including Rush, LIED repeatedly about this topic then. Please no more bigoted repeats. There were no missing Romney votes in 2012. Stop the lying.

We KNOW that millions of Democrats did not vote in 2016 who voted in 2008 and 2012, so of course Trump's percent seems higher. This is a false narrative.

We still have not tallied 1.74 million votes that were cast in 2016. But we do know millions of Democrats stayed home and polls show Romney would have beat Hillary in a landslide.