Saturday, November 12, 2016

Democrats Have Only Themselves To Blame For Trump

While in many ways the 2016 presidential contest was an uprising against the establishment, let’s face it, Republicans weren’t punished last night. And that’s not a new development. This will be the fourth consecutive election in which the GOP has won the Senate and House. Nearly every conventional conservative Senate candidate — the ones Donald Trump’s fans supposedly hate — all ran ahead of the GOP nominee. In Arizona, Florida, Wisconsin — nearly everywhere. This includes Republicans who were reticent supporters or outright critics of Trump.
A good place (^) for Democrats to begin pointing the 
finger of blame
A melodramatic Van Jones is free to claim that Trump’s victory is a “white-lash.” But ever since Barack Obama’s unprecedented passage of Obamacare, his party has lost more than a thousand seats nationally in three wave elections. From 2010, the electorate demanded Washington share power, but the president didn’t listen, relying on executive power, the bureaucracy, and judiciary to pass agenda items without consensus or compromise. A couple of weeks ago I asked, “When Will Liberals Answer For Obamacare’s Failures?” Today, apparently.
In all their vast coverage of agitated right-wingers, it may have escaped the attention of many in the media that over the past eight years the Democratic Party has moved dramatically to the left on an array of issues. It’s now a party of cultural imperialists and economic technocrats who want to rule through fiat. It is a party more comfortable coercing Americans who see the world differently than in convincing them. It is a movement propelled by a liberal punditry that’s stopped debating and resorted to smearing millions they disagree with.
Perhaps Obama might be capable of governing this way and remaining popular, but his political talents aren’t transferable. Not to congressional or Senate Democrats, who have been paying dearly for his policies. And certainly not to Hillary. Democrats nominated a corrupt candidate with abysmal political instincts, a decades’ long habit of mendacity, and a dearth of new ideas.
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