Saturday, November 12, 2016

Conservative Advice For President-Elect Trump

He did it. Donald Trump has just won the biggest upset in American history. In September we suggested that Republicans redeploy resources from the presidential race to the House and Senate races, in part because of polls that indicated that to win Trump would have to make up more ground more rapidly than any previous successful presidential candidate had done. He made up that ground, aided by Hillary Clinton’s recklessness with an e-mail server and her general inadequacy. Our congratulations to President-elect Trump, and provisional congratulations to the millions of Americans who have invested their hopes in him.
During the campaign Trump made many pledges: to nominate conservative justices, to crack down on illegal immigration, to reform the tax code, to protect religious liberty, and to replace Obamacare. His liberal history and his evident lack of interest in these issues created doubts among many conservatives. We hope he now proves us doubters wrong. To do that he will have to show a self-control that was not uniformly present during his campaign but that characterized his most successful moments of it. Congressional Republicans, who retained a majority in both chambers, should do what they can to reinforce Trump’s better instincts.
They should also temper “Trumpism.” To the extent that the election was a referendum on any issue, immigration was that issue. Trump originally gave voice to a restrictionist impulse on the part of the public and eventually reached the right position: for an entry-exit tracking system, stronger barriers at the border, and sanctions for businesses that hire illegal immigrants — but without either mass deportations or, until these policies are in place, amnesty. On that issue he should stick to the position on which he campaigned in the general election.
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