Sunday, November 13, 2016

You Can't Make This Crap Up: Cowards on Campus Cower at Trump Win

One more unforeseen consequence of Donald Trump's election victory: College students who have been spending too much time at binge drinking or television watching now have a handy excuse for not turning in that required paper on time or for being unprepared for that exam. They can blame it on the election. You see, professor, the prospect of Donald Trump in the White House and the realization that there are millions of Americans out there who have reached their limit when it comes to the nasty little tyrannies of PC has just been too much.
Old Mill at the University of Vermont 
Photo credit: Jared C. Benedict
The places of higher learning, however, have anticipated this development and actually taken seriously the possibility that the election of Trump might actually traumatize the little flowers they are responsible for educating. So they have reacted quickly to forestall outbreaks of Trump induced PTSD. There is, for example, this passage from a letter written by the president of the University of Vermont. (We received a copy from a deep undercover source at UVM.)
Many on our campus are experiencing a range of emotions, uncertainty, and concerns. As we move forward as a nation and community, many questions remain how the transition and change will affect our lives and society.
Oh, uh...You must be foreigners then? If you live 
here AND PLAN ON STAYING, he's your President.
So for "colleagues and students, who may be feeling isolated and concerned for personal welfare," the university will be providing "programs and resources available at the University…for support and encouragement."
At one event there will be "tea and reflections … along with meditations (4:15 pm & 6:40 pm) and a structured discussion at 5:30 pm." The tea is a nice touch and certain to calm the anxieties of those tortured college kids.
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