Monday, October 24, 2016

2016 Proves “None Of The Above” Belongs On The Ballot

Despise Hillary?
Distrust Trump?
Disdain Johnson?
Nevada voters can reject of all them by voting for “None of These Candidates.” That option, on the Silver State’s ballot in federal and statewide elections since 1975, doesn’t have real teeth because the human being with the most votes still wins. But it’s a powerful protest mechanism, and experts say it has influenced the results of several elections in the past four decades.
Nothing like that exists on a national level, of course. But why not? This year’s lesser-of-evils campaign is precisely the time to consider adding “None of the Above” to our ballots – but not just symbolically as in Nevada. Instead, if “None” wins, a new election should be held – in which anybody can run except the original candidates.
Such a provision could transform American presidential campaigns in a healthy way. Right now, Hillary Clinton is certain lots of independents and even Republicans who dislike her see no other real choices. She doesn’t have to really compete for the votes of people like, well, me, because she knows we’ll do what it takes (including voting for an unappealing candidate like her) to keep the country out of the hands of a truly dangerous person like Trump.
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