Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Alan Keyes: “Stronger Together,” And “Great Again,” But In The Eyes Of God Or Men?

Recently I published an article on my blog about what the term “conservative” means to me, as both a member of the Body of Christ (“It is not I who live, but Christ in me.” Galatians 2:20) and a member of the sovereign body of the people of the United States. I make no apology for observing the essential relationship between these two characteristics; or for being clear about what both imply for my actions in this year’s Presidential election. (At the root, both the so-called major Parties have nominated candidates who, in principle, abandon the decent character required to sustain our form of government—of, by and for the people as a whole. Therefore, I must and will reject them both.)
From the first, the citizens of the United States conceived of themselves as the sovereign body, favored by the laws and Providence of the Creator, God to hold sway over the nation they comprise. The people constitutionally selected to wield government power are our ministers, not our masters. This includes the President of the United States, who is elected to act as the representative of our common good will; not to reign over us according to some idiosyncratic will of his/her own, or of this or that faction among us.
But the root of good will is good character, which is to say the disposition to do what is right for the nation, taking into account, for better and worse, our qualities and circumstances as individuals, as a whole people. Since the good character of the American people, individually and on the whole, is a premise of the good will we must have to act rightly in our sovereign capacity, maintaining that character is the sine qua non for preserving our right to do so. What destroys our character, destroys our right to self-government.
As a rabid advocate of abortion, Hillary Clinton adamantly wages war to annihilate the disposition to respect the imperative of God-endowed right from which we derive the unalienable rights governments are instituted to secure. Every such right is, in the first instance, a duty to our Creator—a duty to respect the provisions He has made for our existence. The first provision is the mutual compromise He makes, within Himself, in order to provide the substance without which existence itself would be inconceivable for us, and indeed for all created things.
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