Monday, October 24, 2016

Trump Is Losing because He’s Losing — Not because the Election Is Rigged

Election day in Pineville, N.C., 2012 
(Reuters photo: Chris Keane)
Voter fraud isn’t why Donald Trump is losing the presidential election, though that doesn’t mean voter fraud isn’t a problem.
Donald Trump protests that his ascent to the White House is threatened by a “rigged election.” By the phrase “rigged election” he means different things at different times: that the media treats him unfairly, that other institutions have failed in their duties, that illegal votes will be cast.
All of those are absolutely true, but that is not why Donald Trump is going to lose the election. He will lose because he has failed to win over the voters of — let’s go ahead and call the roll here — the swing states of New Hampshire (+11 Clinton), Virginia (+11 Clinton), Michigan (+8 Clinton), Colorado (+7 Clinton), North Carolina (+6 Clinton), Pennsylvania (+6 Clinton), along with the voters of conservative Georgia (+4 Clinton) and practically every traditionally Democratic state (Trump boasted that he’d put states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York into play, but is in fact losing them by 12, 15, and 20 points, respectively). They are not buying what Trump is selling. Florida is in the toss-up column, which is to be expected, but then so is Texas, which is catastrophic. Utah may very well go for a candidate who may not technically be named “Egg McMuffin” but who may as well be.
Trump is wrong in the conclusions he draws from his complaints, but that does not subtract from the truth of those complaints.
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