Friday, July 1, 2016

With Trump, the GOP Is Heading Toward Oblivion

The odds aren't good for the Republican party.
Over the weekend, the New York Times reported on the Republican National Committee's efforts to squelch the "Dump Trump" movement among delegates. The article ended with this ominous line:
Peter Feaman, who will serve on the convention rules committee and has a long history with the party, including serving as Florida's party chairman, called the talk of ditching Mr. Trump "a lot of sound and fury."
"We're going to ride the Trump bandwagon into 1600 Penn Ave., or into oblivion," he added. "One or the other."
Feaman should make no mistakes: The odds overwhelmingly favor oblivion at this point.
The average of polls from RealClearPolitics currently has Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by 6.7 points. She has a corresponding lead in most of the swing states, including Pennsylvania, Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Virginia. Moreover, Trump has underwhelming leads in Republican strongholds like Texas, Utah, and Arizona.
Sometimes in presidential races, early horse race numbers can be misleading because one or both candidates is not well known. But Trump is well known—and voters hate his guts. His unfavorable rating is a whopping 60 percent, compared to a paltry 37 percent favorable rating. Clinton's numbers are not so impressive on this count—42 percent favorable to 54 percent unfavorable—but the GOP has managed to select the one person less popular than Clinton.
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