Friday, July 1, 2016

Liberating the Delegates

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Nothing else has gone as expected this election year, so it’s no surprise that some Republican delegates are pushing for a party conscience rule to unbind them from having to support Donald Trump at the national convention. They may get an assist from a lawsuit filed Friday charging that a Virginia law that binds delegates violates the First Amendment.
Beau Correll is a longtime Republican who was chosen as a delegate to the national convention at a state party convention in April. Yet a Virginia statute says that because the state GOP also held a presidential primary, Mr. Correll and all 49 Virginia delegates must vote for the winner of that primary. Violation is a misdemeanor subject to jail and fines.
Mr. Trump won Virginia’s primary with 34.7% of the vote, but Mr. Correll says he “cannot, in good conscience, cast a ballot for Donald Trump.” His lawsuit, filed in federal court in Richmond by David Rivkin of Baker & Hostetler, asserts that “Correll stands in jeopardy of criminal prosecution and punishment for exercising his First Amendment rights of speech and association to vote for a candidate other than Donald Trump.”
This is a powerful legal argument that deserves to be heard on the merits. Political parties are private entities whose purpose is to meet to nominate a presidential candidate. The Supreme Court has ruled, in Cousins v. Wigoda (1975), that, “The States themselves have no constitutionally mandated role in the great task of the selection of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.” It’s hard to see how Virginia could trump Mr. Correll’s right of speech and association.
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Anonymous said...

The delegates need to take Trump's falling poll numbers, weak campaign, and lack of character and preparation into account. He's not even trying. He has no money. He's not in battleground states. He's not a serious candidate. He's wrong on so many many things. Truly an embarrassment.

Why on earth should we hand over the keys? A new nominee has a better chance.

Politico has an article today shutting down the idea of a delegate revolt. Says there's not enough on the committee to make it viable.

I'm not convinced of that yet, but I hope this lawsuit makes waves.


Anonymous said...

Trump is a great candidate.


cimbri said...

Trump is doing major rallies of thousands of people every day; he's giving well received speeches, like the one on trade the other day. He just had big rallies in PA and OH. He's working hard to get the swing, blue collar vote.

Regarding the ads in swing states; they didn't affect the primaries at all. Ads used to work okay decades ago when there was no alternative media. Right now I'm in NC, I've seen a healthcare ad by Hillary repeated several times. It's an okay ad, but I'm seeing Trump just as much or more in other media. Romney and other candidates from the past disappeared for stretches. Trump doesn't disappear. He isn't paralyzed by bad advisors and handlers. He's in the media every day, countering ads.

We're moving forward to win; you guys can keep living in lala land.

Anonymous said...

cimbri, it is Trump supporters who are in la la land. You ignore everything that points to disaster, but the rest of us don't. We see the train wreck. He is not going to win. He's losing, and what do you think will turn things around? There simply aren't enough white males to offset how badly every other group hates him. Especially women.

There is no doubt Trump isn't playing by old rules. He won the primary that way. But he can't win the general that way.

Sure, he gets great crowds. Those people don't appear to be forking over money, though. He's broke. Do you believe he can win with no money? The polls say no.

Plus, the lack of organization in swing states is troubling. Trump doesn't want to do the work of building an effective organization. He thinks he so great that he is all he needs. Breathtakingly stupid assumption. And lazy.

His speech on trade is to the left of nearly everyone, even leftists. It's not a winning message. He would wreck our economy, and most Americans realize this.

It's why his approval is the lowest of any presidential candidate ever. Trump is disaster waiting to happen. Americans are not taking a chance on him.

And that's why the worst democratic candidate ever is looking reasonable. She is thanking her lucky star Trump came along. (Or maybe it was the plan all along. Don't put anything past the Clintons. Trump gets what he wants--more publicity to build his brand, and they get the white house round two.)

You guys have been played. And you've destroyed the GOP.

What a complete joke 2016 is.


RomneyMan said...

Everyone likes Trump.

cimbri said...

Yes he's really broke. You guys believe everything the liberal media tells you. He is raising money and people have started sending, once the websites and emails started asking for donations. $11m last week, $10m this week by last night. He forgave 50m already just recently. Plenty of money is coming in.

Trump is currently polling better among Hispanics than McCain or Romney and he's doing good with white voters. Blacks always vote as a bloc for Democrats so we probably won't get any help there. My suggestion is everyone worried about America's future, donate to Trump's campaign. If you don't get engaged and help us win, you have nothing to complain about. But spare me the "he can't win and meanwhile I'm spending all my time to cause him to lose". That's disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

cimbri, so you don't believe the May report? That's kind of silly. We'll see if the campaign is telling the truth about recent fundraising in the next report. But Trump is never going to self-fund his campaign. He can't. He simply isn't who he says he is.

Also, we will believe Trump forgives the debt when he actually does, not just says so. I won't hold my breath, since he lies every other sentence.

I wish I could cause him to lose, though. lol


Anonymous said...

Not a Single Republican Delegate Is ‘Bound’ to Donald Trump

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

"...state law does not govern the Republican party. The party governs itself.

...there is only one convention where the delegates were truly bound: 1976’s, when Gerald Ford fended off a challenge from Ronald Reagan. In every other Republican convention ever held, every delegate has been free to vote their conscience.

...the notion that states can compel members of private associations to vote according to primary results is a fundamentally progressive notion, an expansion of the government into the private sphere.

First Amendment guarantees of free speech and freedom of association stand as a bulwark against exactly this kind of government interference.

...the Supreme Court has already ruled that in a conflict between state law and national-party rules, the national-party rules take precedence ... In Cousins v. Wigoda...

...The Court ruled for Wigoda, holding that: the States themselves have no constitutionally mandated role in the great task of the selection of Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

...the Court essentially told the states to mind their own business and let the parties govern themselves.Traditional and current Republican rules and practices allow delegates to vote their consciences.

If the qualifications and eligibility of delegates to National Political Party Conventions were left to state law “each of the fifty states could establish the qualifications of its delegates to the various party conventions without regard to party policy, an obviously intolerable result."

The article explained how parts of rules 37, 38, and 40 contain conscience vote protections.

"If the Republican party wishes to bind delegates to Trump, it will have to change the rules to do so. It is inarguably true that each convention sets its own rules. Yet, even if that happened, an abstaining or dissenting delegate could not be counted as supporting any other candidate for president.

If the RNC follows the dominant historical precedent, delegates will be able to vote their consciences."

A 2013 rule purported to limit delegate discretion and enforce state 'bindings' was not in use for 2012, and “will expire upon the start of the 2016 convention and will not be part of the standing rules of that convention.”

Rule 16 would have to be adopted by a vote of the RNC Rules Committee in Cleveland before it can be applied to this year’s delegates.

"Yet even if that happened, an abstaining or dissenting delegate could not be counted as supporting any other candidate for president. "If the party wishes to truly bind delegates — and to void the conscience protections in Rules 37 and 38 — it will have to..." "...change the rules to do so."

So there is no imminent revolt, but REPUBLICANS must UNDERSTAND.

"If Donald Trump does emerge as the nominee of the Republican party ... No one can hide, and no one can run for cover. If Donald Trump does emerge as the nominee of the Republican party, it will not be because anyone forced him on the GOP." — David French is an attorney, and a staff writer at National Review.

Read more at:

Anonymous said...

Cimbri wants to destroy Republicans and America, and the hamas-bot Cimbri keeps trying.

Cimbri is one of the Trump supporters that Trump bragged about: if Cimbri saw Trump murder Megyn Kelley in the middle of 5th Avenue in broad daylight, Cimbri would still being panting that Trump is gorgeous and SUPREME, a "Charlemagne." Yes, Cimbri claimed Trump is a "modern" Charlemagne.

Though The Donald may have littered the world with bastards, he had many deferments and physical defects. So Trump is no warrior like Charlemagne. Trump’s life is at its end, he is not about to become a powerful warrior as an old man.

Trump likes to say "two Corinthians," but he apparently doesn't care about Christianity much.

Also, the Bible tells Christians to support the House of Israel. Instead, Trump insults and degrades Israel.

Genesis 12:3 King James Version (KJV)
3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Trump is not strong or a warrior like Charlemagne, nor does he strengthen Christianity or Israel.

Cimbri lies as ridiculously as Trump does. “My tax returns are so beautiful.”

The Trump campaign is bankrupt in every way, but Trump still has tried to weasel/extort money from the RNC by threatening them that he'd not attack Hillary until they gave him millions.

Trump is not the self-funding powerful one he has claimed. Sponsors for the Republican Convention are fleeing in droves because of how medieval and horrific a candidate Trump is.

Trump is the worst candidate, and not the persona he proclaimed in the GOP Primary at rallies. He is not smarter than everyone else, he does not put America First, he does not love the Bible.

Trump MOCKED the faithful doing his photo op with false Falwell Jr., by displaying in that photo’s background his framed portrait on his trophy wall from the cover of Playboy.

To be continued...

Anonymous said...


The Trump Campaign doesn't exist, he hasn't hired people to run one. He is the bait-n-switch fraud, con man, and hate monger Andrew Breitbart warned us he is.

Trump is a troll. he talks like a troll, he acts like a troll, and he violates the Constitution as a Hitler Troll.

Trump is the “short fingered vulgarian” Vanity Fair exposed long ago.

Efforts to try to believe Trump are crushed at every turn daily. He can’t be someone else, McConnell. He is a narcissist. Americans must not behave toward Trump as Chamberlain who tried to “make deals” with Hitler.

Hitler was once laughed at as a buffoon just like Trump is now.

Trump won’t disclose, he said he refuses to release his tax returns. Even Obama released his tax returns.

There will be no return to honor with Trump. Trump openly embraces Obama’s lawlessness and smug bravado against American interests and Conservative beliefs.

When Republican Leadership urged him to now unite the Party, Trump scoffed. Trump’s goal is to destroy the Republican Party, polarize and divide.

As Martha pointed out, Trump is left of the Leftists.

We Republicans have every reason of conscience to nominate an actual Republican, and NO reason to accept Donald J. Trump. Trump always supported gun control and even Obama’s partial birth abomination of delivering full-term babies killed to sell their “intact” baby organs for greater profits.

Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and McCain have called upon the better angels of our nature: they urge Republican delegates to vote their conscience.

Conservative leadership is urging a vote of conscience by delegates for the GOP Cleveland Convention because a “vote of conscience” is protected in the GOP, so they CAN.

To be continued . . .

Anonymous said...


As Alan Keyes confirmed, Trump is not pro working class. He is not a populist, Trump is an elitist. Trump is not an outsider. Trump spent his whole life fueling and funding radical, extremist, Muslim Brotherhood Leftists.

Trump is not tough, he’s a loser weasel. For this whole year Trump was a KNOWN persona, and continues his infamy of being the most disapproved major candidate in history. His ‘campaign’ and pledge in the GOP both are a hoax.

Trump’s vacant brain on domestic and foreign policy make him a disaster, but when he said America has not been great for 116 years, my disdain for him skyrocketed. Obviously Trump can’t make America great. The American people make this country great, not a tyrant.

Insane to “wish” that a Trump brothel- keeping tyrant can improve America. Trump has no statesmanship, no diplomacy, and his mouth is a vile racist, sexist loose cannon. He cannot represent America to this world.

Trump built his empire with money from wealthy Muslims. Trump is the Dubai King who hates human rights and free speech. With 3,500 lawsuits, Trump’s modus operandi is to gag-order his former wives and victims.

Republican delegates can and ought to vote their conscience. Hillary may still be indicted, and we must prepare a real President and general campaign for our own happiness and freedom, and for freedom everywhere in the world.

Every patriot must fight against Trump. We refuse to allow Trump to gag-order America or to place America in the wake with all the legion of other pitiful Trump victims. Please, Republican Delegates, do not vote for your own cancer.

Everyone knows a vote of conscience is a vote against the shyster Trump.

Trump lied and lied and lied about not taking the hard economic debate prior Iowa in the GOP Primary. Trump even fraudulently posed as his own publicist. This is not a winner, he’s a whiner. He blames others for his terrifying failures, dissolution, apostasy, and mindless “we have to” corruption and mammon.

When Christopher Reeves defeated Trump’s dream project, his “Westside Project” in NY, he gave simple advice about how to bring down Trump: “...just ask the hard questions because Trump has nothing.”

Trump was donating to the Clinton Foundation as Republicans were fighting the 2014 midterms. Trump was not helping us, nor did Republicans wish to be seen with Trump then. Pelosi-loving Trump fought Republicans his whole life. But in 2014 Mitt Romney was sought out for help in campaigns across America, and his candidates won. People who received ‘help’ from Hillary lost. Republicans won a great and historic Landslide Victory in 2014.

Trump has not given an explanation for his sudden change from being a liberal Democrat.

Anonymous said...


Reagan’s son has warned us how, “This past September, Trump was the first Republican candidate to call for the U.S. to open its doors to Syrian refugees.” President Reagan told us to “trust, but verify.” We all have seen Trump’s weak character, his sensationalistic overbearing declarations, and then he immediately backtracks over and over. Hitler liked his wolf sigil, trump likes to cry wolf.

The plutocrat elitist Drumpf is zany, unreliable, and offers us NO GAIN AT ALL, and he carries the stench of fascism and scapegoating, dirty rat tricks.

People tie Hillary to Obama, but try and find a difference between Obama and Trump! Empty campaign promises, litigious abuse of the Law and surveillance, not disclosing their records, smear campaigns, trashing the judiciary’s independence, continual threats, and they're bent upon usurping the Congressional power to legislate, etc.

In the case of delegates voting their conscience it is a sobering moment that the DONORS are frightened of being harmed and tainted by Trump,and it’s not the candidate worried about the appearance of evil donors!

I put America First, so I’ve taught my children civics. When Trump is running for U.S. President, Eric Trump told us he failed to vote for his father in NY because he didn’t know how registering to vote works.

Why is the Leftist media not demonizing Trump for his german-speaking wife? They can demonize using a dog carrier for the family dog on your family vacation! Trump says he is America First and traditional, yet his wife sounds like Dracula’s sister.

“When Reagan ran in 1980, Trump donated the maximum amount to Jimmy Carter. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Trump also donated to a PAC for Walter Mondale, who ran against Reagan in 1984.Trump has criticized some candidates for their indiscretions made during their childhood. But what can you say for a grown adult who supported both Carter and Mondale over Ronald Reagan? “ ~Michael Reagan, son of President Reagan

Trump is a troll, a political suicide bomber. Trump has a Y-U-G-E and nasty muckraking complex.

The torment Trump could potentially inflict on America and the world is Y-U-G-E. Trump's hoax candidate, a Marxist-draft-dodging golfing louse.

Some say Trump is a tiny force for evil. Fun fact, 14 of Trump's pinkies can fit inside the barrel of John Wayne's pistol. I say Trump is a Y-U-G-E evil force, waiting to ruin every single day on earth.

Anonymous said...

It is good to stress, McCain, Ryan and Walker are urging GOP delegates vote their conscience BECAUSE Republican Party rules protect the right to vote one's conscience. GOP Delegates already have the right to ignore state law, the GOP protects their right to vote their conscience.

cimbri said...

Trump supporters should not vote for any down ticket candidate who does not support our presidential nominee. We really need to clean out Ryan, Lee, Cruz and some of the others. Start over in 2018 with Trump oriented congressmen and senators. The GOP must be cleaned out of Bush and Romney era losers.

Anonymous said...

Trump is going to be the Republican nominee


Anonymous said...

Good grief, cimbri.

Ryan and Lee are the very best people we have in Congress. And thank heaven for them.

I don't blame them for being frustrated with the know-nothing crowd of Trumpkins.


cimbri said... When Romney sounded like Trump, or vice versa. Well, well. Surprise.

Anonymous said...

Ask Trump the hard questions and he flunks out every time.

Romney is skilled and informed, there is NO comparison between louse Trump and well prepared and exceptional Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

Some things that are so nice about Mitt Romney: he didn't donate to Clinton Foundation or Pelosi or Harry Reid.

Also nice how Mitt manages to have relationships of trust and he doesn't have 3,500 lawsuits due to gutter conduct. So precious that Mitt Romney is not like Trump.

What talent Romney had, that the sponsors of the Republican Convention didn't flee when he was the nominee.

Romney never used the law to gag-order former wives or victims. It is so awesome.

A particular favorite of mine is how Muslim Brotherhood his not tied to Mitt Romney.

So precious that Mitt Romney is not like Trump.

Trump has been proven to be the worst candidate in history. Trump has the lowest approval rating of any major candidate in history!

Mitt Romney has exemplary experience and demeanor, and HE IS FUNNY.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about Mitt Romney is that he loves America, our freedom, and his influence for good. He would enforce the law because he loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

Mitt Romney is loyal to everything America loves and is.

Anonymous said...

Favorite things about Mitt: Romney loves America, our freedom, and America's* influence for good. Romney would enforce the Law because he loves the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and he loves Americans.