Friday, July 1, 2016

Ted Cruz Hearing Exposes the Obama Admin’s History of Purging References to Islamic Terror

When Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) suggested we are still trying to “make sense” of the Orlando terror attack at Tuesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Islamic terrorism, he all but proved Chairman Ted Cruz’s point – political correctness is jeopardizing our national security. One is only still trying to “make sense” of Orlando if one ignores the killer’s pledge to ISIS terrorism, the Texas senator insisted.
“We cannot combat and defeat radical Islamic terrorism without acknowledging it exists and directing our resources to stopping it,” Cruz said in his opening remarks. “And an Orwellian doublethink that seeks to excerpt any reference to it, as the Administration did to the president of France, or erase pledges of allegiance to ISIS, as the administration did with the Orlando terrorist, is counterproductive to keeping this country safe.”
The White House’s decision to redact the Orlando 911 transcript so there was no mention of ISIS was an action that would especially “make George Orwell proud,” he said at the hearing.
Read the rest of the story HERE and listen to Ted Cruz's remarks below:

Cruz clip:

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