Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Just 28 Votes Needed to Bring an Unbind All The Delegates Vote to the Convention Floor

It's hard to find anyone, even in the fever swamps of #NeverTrump land, who seriously believes there is a real chance the Republican National Convention is going to dump Donald Trump and nominate someone else for president.
But as Eliana Johnson of National Review reports, it really would not take that much support to force a vote on unbinding delegates in Cleveland. Turns out that while a majority of the 112-member Convention Rules Committee sets the draft procedures for the confab, a minority report can be filed and must be voted on by the convention if one-fourth of the committee agrees to it. So, just 28 delegates could ensure there's a vote on a plan to unbind all the delegates. And, at least one member of that committee, Randy Evans of Georgia (not known as a #NeverTrump man), tells Johnson the 28 votes may well be there.
Now, that doesn't necessarily increase the infinitesimal odds of such a minority plank winning a majority of delegates. To cite the most obvious problem, even if delegates wanted to get rid of the candidate who won the primaries, they're not going to do that without a consensus replacement, and one is conspicuously lacking now, just as it was for most of the nominating contest.
But without question, a vote on (in effect) dumping Trump would be an embarrassment to the presumptive nominee, and could spoil the plot line of the Grand Infomercial he is planning for Cleveland. Those promoting it have, if not a realistic path to success, at least some leverage with Trump and the convention managers.
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As a matter of law and history, there is not a single “bound” delegate to the Republican National Convention.

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