Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lawsuit Seeks to Unbind RNC Delegates from Backing Trump

The revived push to derail Donald Trump’s all-but-certain nomination as Republican Party standard-bearer took a turn into the courts Friday as a Virginia delegate to this summer’s national convention filed suit challenging a state law that commits him to backing the presumptive nominee.
Carroll B. Correll, who served as a campaign co-chairman for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in Virginia's 10th congressional district, is seeking class-action status for his suit on behalf of the commonwealth's 49 Republican delegates and 110 Democratic delegates.
The complaint states:
“Correll believes that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President of the United States and that voting for Donald Trump would therefore violate Correll’s conscience. Accordingly, Correll will not vote for Donald Trump on the first ballot, or any other ballot, at the national convention.”
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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Anonymous said...

Lawsuit not needed. It was already ruled on, and state law doesn't govern or have jurisdiction over private party like the Republican Party.

1976 GOP Convention made their own rule, and that was the ONLY instance that the delegates were bound.

2016 Republican delegates already are all unbound delegates free to vote their conscience, as Walker, McCain and Paul Ryan have all urged them to do.

cimbri said...

It's not a private party. Taxpayers subsidize these primaries so the states are not going to allow conspiracies to come to fruition, denying the rightful nominee his position on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

Cimbri is insane. The Republican Party is a private party and the law has already been tested. State law has no jurisdiction over the Republican Party.

Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, and John McCain have told the delegates to vote their conscience, due to the fact that THEY CAN.

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers may ELECT, or choose, to donate to the political party funds. This is not a taxpayer subsidy, donations are voluntary donations, and do not come out of taxes.

Anonymous said...

Not a Single Republican Delegate Is ‘Bound’ to Donald Trump

RomneyMan said...

Everyone likes Trump