Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Should Ted Cruz Be Blamed if Amnesty Wins?

If an immigration amnesty bill passes in this Congress-and there’s a definite chance it will–I know whom I’ll blame: Senator Ted Cruz. This might seem odd, since Cruz opposes amnesty. It’s not. Cruz was the national politician best positioned to stop the bipartisan, MSM-backed push for “legalization first.’ He not only failed to rise to the occasion, he’s recently increased its chance of becoming law.
The two-count indictment:
1. He didn’t step up in the Senate: As a charismatic Latino apostate, Sen. Marco Rubio quickly became the leader of the pro-amnesty faction in the Senate. The anti-amnesty faction (composed entirely of Republicans) … well, they needed a leader too, especially a Latino leader, especially leader who was also a potential presidential candidate (and who could therefore scare all the other waffling presidential candidates with the possibility that he’d run against them on the immigration issue). 

Such a spokesman would be in the press and on the Senate floor, day after day, making the case against the “Gang of 8″ con job even if it risked costing him some MSM and donor support. Cruz would have been perfect–he can be brilliant in argumentative give and take. But he didn’t do it. Instead, he contributed the minimum necessary to maintain his credibility as a foe of the Gang of 8: promoted an online petition, gave a nice floor presentation and a couple of cogent outdoor addresses to African American marchers and Tea-Partiers rallying on the mall. But the job of actually leading the opposition, day in and out, fell to Sen. Jeff Sessions–who was organized, forceful and logical but couldn’t bring the PR heft to the fight that Cruz could. You got the impression that Cruz felt the Senate was a lost cause, and he behaved accordingly–which made the Senate close to a lost cause.
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RomneyMan said...

Amongst others, yes.

Pablo said...

Hmmm, so Cruz really is on Obama´s aide. His shut down the government gambit would only revitalize the Obama administration and ensure that Obamacare never goes away and he is also distracting the base from the passage of bits and pieces of immigration reform.

Right Wingnut said...

While you're at it, you might as well blame Palin too. Throw Mitt in there too. Afterall, his father was born in Mexico. Should have been able to pull some strings.

Bos, with all due respect, this one's weak.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he should be blamed.

He spends all his time on trying to shut down the Government. Something that Obama would love to do and blame the Republicans

Anonymous said...

Mitt's grand parents were U.S. Citizens when Mitt's dad was born. But of course, you knew that, right? As for Cruz, There is something swarmy and very un-genuine about him. What exactly has he done in the Senate, other than campaign for President?

RomneyMan said...

Get a move on Non-FCC, sorry, Newark, your cruz hero worshipping comments are needed here.

RomneyMan said...

"As for Cruz, There is something swarmy and very un-genuine about him. "

Agreed 100%

The amount of people that I've shown videos of him too and have said virtually EXACTLY THAT is a lot! Virtually the 1st thing they say.
I also think he looks very weird when he gives speeches not at the stump. He wanders about open mic, crossing his arms, with all the mannerisms of a hokus religious loon you see on TV sometimes saying 'donate..the number is on the foot of your screen, bless you heart'.
Seriously, if virtually EVERYONE I've shown Cruz too- mostly not into politics either- say that salesman/smarmy thing about him off the bat, that will be very indicative of the wider electorate.

Ask yourself this: Would you buy a used car from Ted Cruz if he approached you in the forecourt?

Ohio JOE said...

"He spends all his time on trying to shut down the Government." Just like the article. False premise alert.


You're exactly right, Ohio Joe.

The entire premise of the article is FALSE.

Ted Cruz has forcefully and consistently spoken out against the Gang of Eight amnesty bill.

He has appeared on MANY television and radio outlets doing just that.

This is one example among dozens:


Cruz's OUTSPOKEN OPPOSITION to the Gang Of Eight amnesty bill is THE PRIMARY REASON it did not receive support from a majority of Senate Republicans, a MAJOR SETBACK to the Democrats' plan of creating momentum for the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress's upper chamber.

The Democrats desperately wanted a MAJORITY of Senate Republicans to support the amnesty bill.

That did not happen - not even close - THANKS TO TED CRUZ.

RomneyMan said...

Nice one. I was wondering- and dare I say missing- when your daily bout of hero worshipping of the used car salesman was going to come.

Right Wingnut said...

I put Ted Cruz immigration bill into Google, and came up with 5.75 million results.


C'mon, Bosman....really? I'll give you a pass on this one, because you're usually spot on.

cimbri said...

Maybe we need to just tear down the border altogether, sign a treaty with Mexico letting all of us go back and forth at will. This policy isn't working; which is Mexicans continually settling our land. Right now, it's just a one way street. They're going to keep coming anyway, we're fighting a pointless battle.

These ideas Rubio and the other boxed in politicans come up with, pay back taxes, etc. Stupid. They don't know Mexicans. They're good people, but a lot of them are poor, and cannot afford to pay all these fines and back taxes. If you give them amnesty, drop all the fines and back taxes. Give them a clean slate.

BOSMAN said...

I don't know RWN...

Maybe there's something to this.

I mean, Can't Cruz spit and chew gum at the same time?

Sure Defunding/repealing Obamacare is a number 1 priority....but isn't immigration reform holding it's hand in 1st place.

When you think of Immigration, you think of Rubio. The author of the article says we should also think of Cruz...but we don't.

He's put immigration on the back burner. When he should have been going after Rubio every step of the way.

Show me some articles of him criticizing Rubio in all those "5.75 million results" wouldn't you think they'd be a few?

Right Wingnut said...

Why does he specifically need to trash Rubio to oppose the bill? C'mon, Bosman. For some odd reason, you're looking for a way to criticize Cruz, and the way you've laid it out just isn't very convincing. He also needs Rubio to go along with defunding ObamaCare. Calling him an amnesty shill would't help much on that front. The damage to Rubio has already been done.

Right Wingnut said...

Bosman, I now see that you are not the author. It was hard to tell viewing it on my phone.

Right Wingnut said...

The author, Mickey Kaus, is a liberal Democrat! LOL